Ubisoft announces it won’t be attending E3 2023 and dates its own event separately

Ubisoft announces it won’t be attending E3 2023 and dates its own event separately

The company has revealed when it will make the next edition of its legendary Ubisoft Forward

I don’t want to be too rude with what I’m going to say next, but I feel like E3 has become a corpse that some teenagers have ended up by the river and they keep hitting him with a stick to see if he’s alive or not (like this is the scene of one of those poor quality films which are broadcast after dinner on traditional television channels). That’s how it is, at least, as I see it: the Los Angeles fair isn’t what it used to be; although there are those who keep trying to convince us otherwise.

The reason for the latter is related to the fact that there are already several companies that have announced in recent months not only that will not be part of E3 2023, but will host their own separate event. And, precisely, the last to have done that is none other than Ubisoft. I’ll leave you with all the details below so you can understand what exactly I’m talking about.

Ubisoft sets a date for its new event this summer 2023

  • As portal companions collected VGCUbisoft will no longer be attending the aforementioned E3 2023 as such
  • In its place, will organize a new edition of Ubisoft Forward Live
  • This will take place on June 12th.
  • The reasons given by the company they have to do with the fact that he would seek to announce his news in a different way

What announcements might we see at the event?

Ubisoft’s situation is currently not the best of all, but I can already think of at least three video games that could appear at the event. those to pay attention to, which correspond to the following:

  • Avatar: Pandora’s Frontiers
  • Assassin’s Creed Mirage
  • Crew Motorfest

Which Ubisoft games would you like to see in the event taking place on June 12? I read you in the comments.

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