After the afternoon of terror that the inhabitants of the state of Jalisco experienced last weekend, due to the shooting that took place inside a shopping plaza, the authorities announced that two of those responsible for these events had already been captured.

The subjects identified as Luis Raúl V., 45, and Jonathan Everardo T., 23, were captured by elements of the Ministry of National Defense and sent to the State Attorney’s Office to carry out the corresponding investigations.

According to reports, the detainees were traveling together with other armed men aboard two vans with overlapping license plates from where they descended to shoot at an escort vehicle parked in Landmark Square.

This unfortunate event was captured on video by people who were at the scene and later the images were shared through social networks, where they became viral.

After this confrontation, the gunmen tried to flee, but on their way they ran into a military convoy and another shootout broke out where Luis and Jonathan were injured, who were detained and taken to receive medical attention.

It should be noted that the two vans in which the gunmen were traveling were abandoned streets further on within which various weapons and tactical clothing were found.

Among the belongings found, vests with the initials of a criminal organization stand out, and although it was not specified to which group they belonged, later President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stated that the Jalisco New Generation Cartel would be behind the attack.

For its part, the Jalisco government provided information on a businessman who was allegedly the target of the criminal organization, although the identity of that person was not disclosed.

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