Truckers Unite to File Class Action

Truckers Unite to File Class Action

There are about 500 truckers who have transported goods across the country and they claim they have not been paid. Now they will file a class action lawsuit against the company they worked for.

Everything remains the same with regard to the debt that the company maintains with these workers. They say they still haven’t been paid, some deposited the checks they received, but they were bounced for insufficient funds, and as a result they joined to file a class action lawsuit against Flagship Transport.

In addition to the peaceful protests, which they assure will continue, today they began signing the contract for a law firm to represent them in the collective lawsuit, which they told us they would present .

And they do not exclude, according to what they told us, that this class action presents some change to the main demand, before going to court.

These workers say they feel alone in the face of this situation that they have dragged on for 3 weeks now.

They are also asking for the support of the truckers’ union and their local representatives.

In addition to the debt to the drivers, Flagship Transport has an eviction claim for the land where they have trucks, at 13399 Northwest and 113 Avenue Road, in Medley, for a rental debt that exceeds $154,000, according to public records. . This is the claim the property manager made to the company in a letter dated March 8 that is incorporated into the lawsuit.

The days go by, the anxiety grows in the families of these people because their savings, they say, begin to suffer the consequences due to the lack of money. In addition to the trial they will present, they will continue the demonstrations which, they assure, will always be peaceful. They have only one objective. Get paid for the work they’ve done.

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