The Williams Method, Jurassic World: Dominion, The Batman or The Alley of Lost Souls, some of them

Cinema in 2022 has left us with very good feature films that have not gone unnoticed by the public more cinephile, but yes for the most commercial. projects like The Batman, Top Gun: Maverick, Avatar: the sense of water oh Minions: Origin of Gru He gave us back the illusion. And yes, they are part of best movies of 2022.

I picked 21 movies from 2022 that are either small works of art or stuck with me for some other reason. For example, I know that Many of you will find it strange that Scream is on the listbut it’s only the return of this slasher He fascinated me at the time, what do you want me to tell you. The incorporation of Jurassic World: Dominionbut it was important that he was about to be a blockbuster of those that have been made before. And what other surprises will you find in the list?

The Batman

Although there were a few details that didn’t convince me, like this version of Bruce Wayne decaffeinated and angry at the world, I think The Batman will end up being the best movie of 2022, or at least one of those that I liked the most. This Gothamthis touch of detective and this batman played by Robert Pattinson they could with me Prankster level? No, but it’s very close.


I know many of you haven’t seen Grandmotherbut you are missing the best Spanish film of 2022, giving shape to a portrait of a frightening old age. I’m just going to tell you that you better not have a grandma like that around, and if you don’t believe me, go to the movies to see her.

Do you like or dislike Scream?


Yes that’s it. Scream might be a pretty silly commercial movie, but Scream’s return is everything fans wanted.. A continuing homage to the early installments, and a great entry point for new viewers.

A hero

If you like cinema Asgar Farhadi (Even though he’s been in some controversy for the past few months, you might fall in love with A heroa drama that was Golden Globe nominee and which will go down in history as one of the best Iranian films.

The tragedy of Macbeth

Joel Cohen separated from his brother to direct this drama which adapts the homonymous work of william shakespeare and star Denzel Washington there Frances McDormand. A small work of art that will go down in history even if it went unnoticed due to its premiere in AppleTV+.

the Williams method

Will Smith demonstrated again with the Williams method that he is one of the best actors of his generation, as long as they give him a role that matches his acting skills. A very classic, yet addictive biographical drama.

The Alley of Lost Souls

The new from Guillermo del Toro it’s a redo of the film of the same name, adapted to current times and with all that characterizes its cinema: visual power, elaborate script and complex characters.


  • Belfast is only available on VOD.

A British film directed by Kenneth Branagh who took Oscar for Best Original Screenplayalthough he got up to 7 nominations. A family drama set in the 60s, beautiful and shot in black and white.

Licorice Pizza

It was the best movie of 2021 for the awards National Board of Reviewalthough perhaps this work of Paul Thomas Anderson not be the highlight of his career. Yes, it’s a fun romantic story, with dramatic overtones, whose strong point lies in the performances.

drive my car

From Japan it comes to us an intense 180-minute drama that won the Academy Award for Best International Film. Also the Golden Globe. However, it is one of the best films in history, and without a doubt, a work that will be remembered forever.

Jurassic World: Dominion

All right, Jurassic World: Dominon It is somewhat inferior to previous episodes of the saga, but keep being him blockbuster funniest of the year. Now what jurassic world Please don’t come back for many years.

Top Gun: Maverick

The return of Superior gun It exceeded all expectations, and established itself as a true adventure of those who no longer make it. With over $1.2 billion raised, Top Gun: Maverick makes history in the film industryand Tom Cruise is already thinking of a third party.

Minions: Origin of Gru

And Light year gave us a much more serious cinema than expected, Minions: Origin of Gru arrived to seek the opposite effect: a hilarious animated comedy which improves the latest installments of the franchise.

Light year

Yes OK Lightyear was surrounded by controversy when it premiered (unfairly), it remains a very entertaining animated film, with visual extravagance on all four sides and an endearing character (yes, Sox).


  • Alcarràs is only available on VOD.

If you allow me, I mean that Alcarras This is by far my favorite movie of the year. Maybe in the future there will be a tape that I fell in love with even more, but what she did Carla Simon with this rural drama shot in Catalan, it has no name.

The man from the north

Unfortunately, The Northman was a flop for his production company. Nearly 100 million budget was not enough to capture an adult audience that has not yet returned to theaters. Yet an intense action adventure featuring vengeful Vikings.

five pearls

Alauda Ruiz de Azua She makes her debut in feature filmmaking after a career marked by short films with a family drama about motherhood that will mark you forever. Recommended to see with your mother in the cinema (and if this is not possible, from the couch at home).


Baz Luhrmann redirect after The Get Down, Australia there red Mill, and returns with one of the best biographical musicals in history. A story that, rather than focusing on the rock star, places its prism on his representative, the controversial Colonel Parker.


Red is the perfect example of a children’s movie, when teaching something as important as the transition to adolescence. from the best of Pixar in recent years, and a little above Light year.

all at once everywhere

In wonderWe have Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Outside of the quintessential superhero franchise, we’ve got All at Once Everywhere, a madness across time and space starring michelle yeo there Jonathan Ke Quanthe child of Indiana Jones and the Cursed Time which comes down to acting.

all at once everywhere
All at once everywhere, the best movie ever made about the multiverse


A24 is one of the best producers today, and with X it gives us an authentic horror film, set in the late 70s and with many cinematic references. A nightmare that crossed the rooms without making much noise, but which caused me insomnia for several nights.

The beasts

  • As bestas is available on VOD.

It’s probably the best Spanish film of 2022, an authentic lesson in how to balance the tension throughout over two hours of rural drama. Its cast is up to snuff, but without a doubt, what stands out the most is the brilliant direction of Rodrigo Sorogoyana director who should never be underestimated because he is able to turn everything he touches into gold.

Broker is a brilliant Korean film that conquered the whole world


One rainy night, a young woman abandons her baby at the gates of a church. The baby is rescued by two men who steal abandoned children to resell them to desperate parents. when the young woman returns to the church, repentant, she discovers their illegal affairs and decides to join them in finding the most suitable adoptive parents.


One of the best horror movies of 2022, no matter how its aim is not to generate fear, but to create an oppressive atmosphere in which the tension increases by the minute. Jordan Peele takes his cinema to the nth degree, with homages to Close Encounters of the Third Kind and other classic alien films.

Unicorn Wars

In Spain, adult entertainment is generally quite undervalued. Alberto Vazquez has set itself the goal of winning over this public with Unicorn Wars, one of the best adult animated movies you’ve ever seen. A scathing critique of war, using precious little animals for it.


Epic and ambition brought Indian cinema to premiere RRRa great epic set in the 1920s in which Bhem he will travel to Delhi to save a kidnapped girl. On his way he will come across Rama Rajuan officer of the Raj whose goal is to pursue him to put him in prison. He won the 2022 Oscar for Best Original Song for a musical number that will go down in history.

Daggers in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Onion

Daniel Craig puts himself back in the shoes of this astonishing detective whose methods may be a little questionable, but who manages to decipher even the most unusual case. Benoit White he faces the most complex investigation of his life, with characters who hide much more than it seems.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

You might be surprised to see Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in a list of the best movies of 2022, but it is undoubtedly the movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe The roundest of the year, balancing the dramatic with the usual action of the saga. Plus, it’s the franchise’s best-performing movie, thanks in part to the wonderful work of Angela Bassette and of Letitia Wright.

The crooked lines of God

Oriol Paulo is an expert in shaping Detective novels addictive as demonstrated Reverse there During the storm. The crooked lines of God This is perhaps his roundest film to date thanks to the great adaptation that was made of the novel by Torcuato Luca de Tena. And I have to say that Barbara Leni he shines in a role for which he seems to be born.

Argentina 1985

Nominated for the 2022 Oscars for Best International Film, Argentina 1985 is one of the best foreign language films of the year, and a story based on real events inspired by the true story of the prosecutor Julio Strassera, Luis Moreno Ocampo and its young legal team which they dared to accuseAgainst all odds, against the clock and under constant threat, to the high command of the bloody military dictatorship Argentina.

Model 77

A prison drama set in Barcelona’s Modelo prison and based on real events in which a movement that shook the Spanish prison system in the 70s is told. alberto rodriguez returns in style with this action film in which actors of the stature of Miguel Herran, Javier Gutierrez and Jesus Carroza. oh Fernando Tejero.

High-speed train

Solo David Leitch could direct this phenomenal action-comedy in which brad pitt He strikes hell out of all who stand before him. A luxurious cast (Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson It’s included bad bunny) accompanied by a brutal technique, for one of the best action films of recent times.

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