Tini achieves with ‘Cupido’ what no other Argentinian artist

Tini achieves with ‘Cupido’ what no other Argentinian artist

“HERE IS CUPID this album that meant so much to me from the first song I shared with you (lie to me) a stage of a lot of growth and personal discovery. thank you for accompanying me as you do. I have no words to thank you, so thank you to each of the artists who accompanied me on this album, I admire them so much @mariabecerra @lajoaqui @manuelturizo @tiagopzk @anitta @iambeckyg @steveaoki @beelecito @lgante_keloke thank you @elenarose @calidandee @andrestorrest nothing it would have been the same without you Cupid is out on February 14th and the album is already complete on February 17th I hope you enjoy the songs that remain to be heard. This milestone will forever be engraved in my heart ” he published on his networks Tini Stoessel a few weeks ago confirming the launch of this work which gives him a lot of joy but also some headaches.

Among the positives, his album reached 6.5 million views in less than 24 hours, which was the best debut for a studio album by an Argentine artist in the history of the popular streaming platform Spotify.

Indeed, some data has come to clarify that with her song, Cupid, she had also managed to break the record for a solo artist in a single day, accumulating more than 1.2 million views.

But not all is joy and happiness and Tini also has to deal with the negative side of success. A few days ago we already told you that the controversy over Las Jordans had had a lot of repercussions, which led to a confrontation between her fandom and that of Aitana: “The world is asking who is she? Harder, looser, more beautiful. came, but she’s gone now, no, no, no (Hey). I don’t want to know if you miss me (No) Or if the one from Spain bothers you (No)”, can we hear in the song.

And of course, many immediately connected the dots about that break the song is about. There are those who are convinced that these lines that refer to Spain are aimed at Aitana who Sebastián Yatra is rumored to be dating now.

The controversial accusations from his Cupid video

The saying goes “let them talk about me even if it’s bad” but we don’t know if Tiny He will be particularly amused by the feedback he’s been receiving since the release of his new music video, Cupid, which gives his new studio album its name.

Because after facing a controversial controversy that confronted his fans with those of Aitana for what is said in part of the song Las Jordans, the Argentine interpreter began to receive accusations of copying via social networks.

Via Twitter, several users used frame-by-frame screenshots to point out that there is a strong resemblance between the video of Cupid and that of In my head by Ariana Grande. The performer had his strongest defenders among his followers, arguing that a performer isn’t always responsible for the artistic direction of videos

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