The company made one of those dreaded moves derived from global inflation

Things have been burning lately due to global price inflation which is affecting video game companies in different ways; Microsoft being the one I’m going to focus on here. The fact is that this last situation caused the multinational to make various unwanted moves, such as this massive dismissal that took place a few weeks ago.

However, this time I want to tell you about something that could directly affect us as consumers: Microsoft has raised the price of the Xbox Series X/S in Sweden but… Will it be the same in other countries? Below I’ll tell you what exactly happened and below what I think will eventually happen.

Xbox Series X/S increases its price for the first time in a European country

  • As portal companions collected VGC, the prices of both consoles will increase very soon as follows in Sweden:
    • Xbox Sereis X will drop from $550 to $599 1⃣
    • Xbox Series S will drop from $347 to $376 2⃣
  • The reason why gave Microsoft on previous occasions has always had to do with the global economic situation
  • I remind you that this is not the first time this has happened, since the consoles have recently increased in price in other countries such as Japan

Will the console end up priced in all territories?

The official words that Microsoft released back then basically said that the company is constantly reviewing the possibility of varying the price of the products to adapt to the current situation and to the consumers. Eventually, They said a long time ago that they had no intention of raising the price of their consolesbut I am bound to be a little skeptical of this assertion.

It’s not the first time a company has said it won’t do something and ends up doing the same thing, but in a less abrupt and more gradual way. Right now, I don’t see why Microsoft wouldn’t raise Xbox prices in other regionsbut we will have to wait for the company to make an official statement on this in order to know how the situation develops.

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