Con Endless summer vacation, Miley Cyrus defended self-love with songs that are already authentic anthems, like Flowers; and others in which he explores his sexuality in the most explicit sense of the term, such as River.

However, in addition to honesty, satire and hesitation, there is also room for other more serious themes. who treat love from a more brotherly point of viewas A thousand thousandss. This collaboration with Brandi Carlile was born more than six years ago in a context very different from the current one and with an alternative title.

He said it in Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions)the Disney+ mini-documentary in which he reveals very revealing details about his eighth studio album. So much so that he can’t help but shed tears when talking about the fourth title of his recent project.

“I couldn’t imagine not having my little sister in my life”

“When I wrote thousand miles, It started as a song that is far from the one on the album. I wrote it in 2016 or 2017, right after the sister of one of my best friends committed suicide. And I couldn’t imagine not having my little sister in my life, so I composed this song, which was originally born as Happy girl“, he admits.

There was a friend of mine
Her name was Darlene
But we all called her Becky

I do not know why
I knew she was in pain
But I never thought I’d wake up to this call
at all

And I remember that day I promised you the world
But I soon realized the world wasn’t what you needed
Now all I want is just for you to be a happy girl
Even if it’s a world without me

“It was like, ‘I just want to see you happy and all I want for you is for you to be happy, girl.’ turned into something is very far from the sadness that inspired it“, he says, although he initially warned that he knew he was going to get emotional.

Also, in this movie, it is encouraged to share the old verses that were part of this first draft. “Somehow it evolved into a happy song about happiness and being good even without really knowing where you are going,” he concludes.

Noah Cyrus’ past addiction and mental health issues

Until 2020 —when he decided to start his rehabilitation and detox—, Noah Cyrus had developed a severe drug addiction that resulted in intrusive thought dynamics that were very harmful to his mental health. “I didn’t want to stay alive. I was waiting for the day when I might not wake up. I didn’t know where I was going. There were a lot of scary moments. I just know I was trying to… ‘avoiding being alive, or maybe trying to avoid the feeling of being alive because sometimes living was really painful,’ she confessed to Zane Lowe in a previous interview with Apple Music 1 at about his first album The hardest part.

That year, he finally decided to try to kick his addiction to tranquilizers, prescription drugs, painkillers, and Xanax. “When I had already lost all hope, all faith and all the strength I had to go on, that’s when I broke down and asked for help. I had been denying it for a long time, denying it, denying it, denying it and walking away, and finally I said, ‘I can’t lie to myself anymore,'” young Cyrus told the announcer.

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