This will be the next series of streamers in Minecraft: IlloJuan will be its main organizer

This will be the next series of streamers in Minecraft: IlloJuan will be its main organizer

The Hunger Games will be the next big series for streamers and will be hosted by IlloJuan

As you well know, Squid Craft Games 2 is complete and already we are waiting for what will be the next big series for streamers that will take place in Minecraft, which seems to be the game par excellence for this type of event. Obviously, There will be several series coming soon in the aforementioned Mojang title.

Yes, you will all think of the third season of Tortillaland, although for now the future of the series is up in the air; but that’s not what I’m here to talk about in this post, since we already know what will be next.

The next round of Minecraft streamers will be The Hunger Games and will be hosted by IlloJuan

Exactly, as you can see in the title and in the header above, the next round of streamers will be in Minecraft and it will be The Hunger Games. This is how the existence of this new Twitch Rivals was revealed:

  • Looks like, during a meeting with the members of Euphoniathe team that develops all these series, revealed that The Hunger Games will be the next big Minecraft series.
  • And if, its main organizer will be IlloJuan, the beloved Malaga streamer.
  • On another side, AuronPlay has confirmed that they are in development and the Malaga streamer will be the big visible face of the project.
  • This new Twitch Rivals This will be the first major Minecraft series, after other projects like 14 Days, for IlloJuan.
  • They also released what could be other details of the event, and that is that the Malaga man would realize it with Ibai Llanos, although it is not official for now.
  • This, yes, For now, there is no confirmed date for its celebrationAlthough it is expected to be a very well attended event, even with non-Spanish speaking guestslike in Squid Craft 2.

From there, we’ll be on the lookout for any future announcements that may be made regarding the aforementioned new Euphonia and IlloJuan event.

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