When I was testing the first closed beta of Diablo IV, it was very clear to me: the game is a real killer; even if it is true that in the article where shared my impressions on the game, I elaborated a bit more on this issue. So much so that I know for a fact that I will be buying the game when it comes out on June 6th this year. And again, so much so that I would be very tempted to move on to the next generation. with the pack announced a few minutes ago if I didn’t already have an Xbox Series S in my living room.

The thing is, Microsoft announced a new bundle with an Xbox Series X and Diablo IV that contains the odd little extra detail for those who dare to get the package. Then I leave you with all the details you need to know about it in case you want to get it when it goes on sale.

When can the pack be purchased and how much will it cost?

  • The pack will be available the same day as the launch of Diablo IV, i.e. from June 6th
  • It will cost around $559, which in exchange would be around €512, but with the exchange policies, I understand that It will be a price similar to that of the United States (559 €)
  • You can book the pack now via this same link
  • can be bought in almost all major chain stores (it will most likely appear on Amazon, GAME, MediaMarkt, Carreforu, among others)

What content does the pack bring?

  • An Xbox Series X with its respective carbon black wireless controller 1⃣
  • A copy of Diablo IV 2⃣
  • A special mount for the game 3⃣
  • A series of in-game cosmetic items 4⃣
  • I leave you with an image below of these so you can see what they look like

What do you think of this new Xbox Series X bundle with Diablo IV? Will you catch it? I read you in the comments.

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