This PlayStation Store game drops its price to 88% off

This PlayStation Store game drops its price to 88% off

It’s well known that the PlayStation Store is full of hundreds and hundreds of games on sale, many of which are irresistible to anyone who comes for a mere glance. Currently, there are up to three different promotions active where you can get one or more games for very little money. Of course, it’s time to hurry, because these are their last days.

The active promotions are those of ‘Essential selection’, “Remastered and Retro” and finally that of ‘Games under €20’. But on top of those promotions, today I’m here to recommend the Deal of the Week, featuring a great game that’s at a ridiculously low price, being 88% off. Can you guess which game I’m talking about? Well, let’s go, to see if you succeeded.

The big game bringing its price down on the PlayStation Store is…

  • Maybe you didn’t expect it, but yes, Borderlands 3: Level Up Edition is the PlayStation Store deal of the week.
  • With a regular price €74.99this edition is located currently only € 8.99.
  • It has versions for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.
  • The 88% discount will be Available until March 23, 2023.
  • Run before he escapes you!
  • You can buy the game as follows link that will take you to the PlayStation Store.

Learn more about Borderlands 3: Next Level Edition

This edition of Borderlands 3 contains the following:

  • base game
  • A total of 4 cosmetics for the game:
    • Zane multiversal final form
    • Amara Multiversal Final Form
    • FL4K multiversal final form
    • Multiversal Ultimate Form of Moze
  • The upgraded version for PlayStation 5, It has 4k resolution at 60FPS so that next-gen players can enjoy and get the most out of the latest installment in the Borderlands franchise.
  • You can enjoy this adventure both alone and in the company of up to 4 friends.
  • Before ending up at just €8.99, this same edition, was previously €42.74 until March 1st.

If you’ve never played Borderlands 3 before, I think this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a fun, action-packed game.

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