What are live casinos and how do they work

What Are Live Casinos and How Do They Work?

Live casinos might be relatively new, but they are becoming increasingly popular among online gamblers. They allow players to excitement of a casino game remotely. This provides ease and convenience to those who do not want to make a trip to an actual casino.

The innovation of Live Casinos

They are yet another innovation in a world where casinos are already offering many choices. There is of course the age-old option of the brick-and-mortar casino. And then there are online casinos, rich in concept, games, and visuals.

Live casinos can be seen as something of a hybrid of these two varieties. They connect players to real casinos over video, allowing them to engage with dealers. It is not as if they are devoid of technological advancements, though.

Some of the most popular ones, use software provided by leaders of the gaming industry like Playtech, Amaya Gaming, and Microgaming. These support the various technologies used in the live casino. Here are the key ones.

  1. Game Control Unit (GCU)

This GCU is a small electronic device to help manage and control the game. It monitors and controls the game’s electronic components, for instance, the roulette wheel. 

It also ensures that the game runs smoothly and provide real-time data and statistics about the game. It is in essence, the most important component of live casino technology.

  1. The Wheel

Then there is the wheel, which might be there in the live casino if the game so requires. These wheels have sensors embedded in them, that helps them interact with the casino software.

There is of course also the monitor, which shows what appears to players online. It allows the dealer of the game to see who is online and even engage in live chat, if required.

  1. The Cameras

Last but not the least, are the cameras, which are required for any kind of live streaming. Modest sized but advanced cameras can be used in multiple places around the casino game to allow for different shots.

Relatedly, optical camera recognition technology, allows for every small detail to be recorded and broadcast to the players. Another related technology is the monitor, which shows what players can view. It also allows knowledge of who is online and who is not. 

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The dealer

While technology is key for live casinos, the importance of the dealer cannot be underlined enough. Like in real life casinos, they are actual professionals who serve as an interface between the players and the game.

They help in putting players at ease, so they can enjoy the live casino experience just like a real life one. These dealers are skilled professionals that undergo much training before they start off on the gambling floor.

Their skillset is even more important today than ever before. With technological development, every action by them is traceable. But they are more than just skilled. They are also expected to be polite and friendly, creating a great environment for players. You can read more about it here

The game process

Having described the technology and the professionals involved, let us move to the gaming process in a live casino. This can differ according to the game, of course. But there are some broad similarities too. For the sake of instruction, let us consider a game of roulette. Here are the steps.

  1. Filming the dealer: The dealer is filmed in a manner compatible with the live stream. This filming is then made available to all players. 
  2. Placing the bets: The players then start placing the bets, which is processed by the casino software. Currently, the betting button available to players is active.
  3. Ending the betting process: After an interval of time, the casino will announce “No more bets”. At this point, the betting button becomes inactive, to indicate that the process is over.
  4. Spinning the wheel: Like in a real casino or online casino, the wheel will then be spun by the dealer. As described above, the cutting-edge technology available makes it easy to see how it is turning through cameras at various angles.
  5. Results in seconds: In a matter of seconds, the players know whether they have won or lost. This is since the live casino game is as the name suggests, live streamed. These results are then displayed on the screen.
  6. Next steps: If players want to continue with the game, they can repeat all the steps and start afresh.

A new approach

It is then clear that a live casino is very similar to an actual casino. It offers the comfort of staying where you are. And even gaming while on the move if you so desire.

Live casinos are a true example of how far modern technology has gone. And from the looks of it, things will only get better from here on.