Well, how was the machine David Bisbal in 2001? The first of all. GOOD trying to fully enter the music industry through Operación Triunfo. After training in orchestras that travel from city to city to liven up the parties as God wanted, the man from Almeria tried his luck in the first and new edition of the most famous Academy at the television… and, seeing how it has gone all through this year, We can say loud and clear that nothing went wrong for him.

Seven recording projects, ten tours, thousands of records sold, millions of fans around the world… Many figures support his success after 20 years of musical career. The next thing he brings under his arm, i feel alive, is fueled by the love and strength of one of its fundamental pillars: its family. But, Did he see himself more than two decades ago with children in the future? And work on what excites you? Still with her famous curls?

The OT TikTok account saved a short video with some of the most illuminating statements. at his time, a very young Bisbal projected his future, manifested it and became a visionary.

“How do you see yourself in twenty years?” asked one of the program counselors during a class. “Honestly, very happy. With my family – MY family – (…) I see myself very happy, I work, I give my boys or my daughters (if I have any in the future) whatever I can. I see myself in good health and very happy with life… With the daily work (…) Physically, in twenty years, I don’t know if I will still see myself with curls”, exclaims he laughs.

Having seen that: he was not mistaken! He continues at the foot of the canyon, enjoying good health, sharing daily life with Rosanna Zanetti and with three children she adores: Ella, Matteo and Bianca.

OT returns in 2023

And there is more good news! Because OT is coming back this year. This has been confirmed by Prime Video, the platform that will host a new edition of the popular television format. Their galas will come back live, the channel 24 hours a day… and many other news!

Casting might be imminent considering they announced OT 2023. When will it be? We tell you everything we know so far about LOS40.com

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