It’s true that it’s a pity that Bethesda announce your games as many years in advance before releasing them, because The Elder Scrolls VI It was announced several years ago and since then we haven’t heard anything, and come on, it looks like it will continue like this for a long time. Although, on the other hand, it must be recognized that at least we know that this project exists and that it is something that North American society has in its hands.

But to come to the point, you know that Bethesda is famous for develop games centered on single-player campaigns, make an exception like Fallout 76, or more soon, red fall (although this title is not developed by the company itself) Bethesda). So, when multiplayer is at the foot of the canyon, Bethesda he insisted on his ideal of focusing on games solo. something that is logically expected The Elder Scrolls VI. But… and otherwise?

¿Online in The Elder Scrolls VI?

They were companions of Insider game those who echoed a detail that the community noticed and which can be quite revealing:

  • It turns out that some new job offers from Bethesda could show indications that The Elder Scrolls VI would have an online multiplayer mode
  • Job posting requires “Be very familiar with a variety of open-world multiplayer games” next to “Ten Experiences with The Elder Scrolls Construction Set”
  • This could certainly be a clear indication that are looking for developers to release The Elder Scrolls VI, but…
  • Much of the community is skeptical because some think these jobs are for The Elder Scrolls Online, the exclusively online game of the saga

So I think we have a 50/50 chance. It could be an online mode for The Elder Scrolls VI, true, but there’s also a good chance that the job posting is geared towards TENSE. What do you think?

When can we learn more about The Elder Scrolls VI?

For now, the first reference date is next June 11, day when an Xbox games showcase will be held (plus a Starfield Direct). Many have their hopes laid down on this show to see if they show anything new on the anticipated sixth part of the saga. YOUR. Otherwise, we’ll have to keep waiting for a few more months, at the very least.

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