Many of you have heard these days of Disney Speed ​​Storm. For those who don’t know, this is a kart style racing game, very roll of titles like Mario Kart oh crash team racing, where you choose your favorite characters (in this case, from Disney), you put them in a vehicle and run. There are several content creators playing these days, and even I also played there not long ago.

In fact, we did some first impressions at the time on the game as it was in beta phase. It’s only this week Disney Speedstorm is accessible to everyone. If you are curious about this game but not sure if you should give it a try, keep reading as I will tell you my opinions and details below.

Everything about Disney Speedstorm

Details of prices, platforms, gameplay and more

  • Price : this title is completely free. It will be based on the seasons that will have their battle passes that you will need to level up to get items i.e. if you buy the premium pass with real money
  • Platforms: is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC
  • Mechanical: is a very crazy running game where you can choose different characters among Disney, improve their characteristics as you improve them and where you can pick up items during races and use them to your advantage or to attack your rivals


the game in Metacritic It barely has 3 or 4 reviews for different platforms, ranging from 60 to 85, an average of around 75. That’s a good rating, and the truth is that is a good game. Most of the reviews I’ve read can’t help but mention the obvious influence of Mario Kart, but in terms of gameplay, graphics and sensations, Everything I’ve read is pretty positive. I haven’t read anyone saying it’s a bad game or mediocre, so it might be a great chance to try it out, especially with friends.

Is this game worth it?

Basically, and especially since it’s free, I would say it is worth downloading. At least try. However, it may not have as much single player content as Mario Kart oh crash team racing, so I think it’s a very positive point that you play with friends. In all cases, yes it’s worth it and I recommend you give it a well-deserved chance, because it’s quite fun and very well playable.

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