Dragon Ball Super: manga chapter 92 is now available for free and in Spanish

Dragon Ball Super: manga chapter 92 is now available for free and in Spanish

Dragon Ball Super” is back once again and this time we find chapter 92 of the manga. Yes, we will still be satisfied with the arc adapted from “Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes“, something that will continue to be so for a few months. For this month’s chapter, we knew that the confrontation between Small and Range 2but he had also fled Broly’s first official presence in the franchise’s manga (something we also knew was going to happen as a result of the movie).

Here’s what you need to know to read Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 92

Before going into more details for this chapter, I leave you below all you need to keep in mind to be able to enjoy the manga:

  • Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 92 is found now available on your MangaPlus folder.
  • With this chapter active, this implies that MangaPlus has archived the 89th manga chapter, thus following the policy of only having available the chapters of the last 3 months of the Dragon Ball Super manga.
  • With that in mind, the chapter that will be archived for next month, with the release of chapter 93 of the manga, will logically be 90.
  • In case some want it due to translation issues or any preference, I remember that MangaPlus also allows reading Dragon Ball Super manga completely adapted to the English language.

I started to see people getting impatient because there’s not much new in what the movie brought as such, and I can kind of understand that. In any case, I will continue to wait quietly, because as we all know What awaits us at the end of this arc are Cell Max, Gohan Bestia and Piccolo Naranja for which I personally await additional details in which the ‘Super Hero’ feature could have failed.

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