Thieves steal $2,500 parrot from porch of Santa Ana home

Thieves steal $2,500 parrot from porch of Santa Ana home

Police are looking for two burglars caught on surveillance video stealing a large cage containing a $2,500 parrot from inside a home in Santa Ana, Orange County.

Video showed the suspects pull over and park in front of the house. One of the men rushes over, grabs the cage on the porch, and runs back to the red van, where the other man helps him load the cage into the vehicle before driving off.

“We’re more sad for her than for us because we’re not sure she’s getting the care she needs or what her intentions are with her,” said Karen Gerardo, owner of the parrot, named Luna. Luna needs daily medication and follows a special diet, Gerardo said.

Adopting a pet brings changes in a home, especially in the family budget.

The robbery took place March 12 in the 2000 block of S. Sycamore Street in Santa Ana, said Sgt. María López, spokeswoman for the Santa Ana Police Department, Gerardo said Luna, whom he had for 10 years, usually stays indoors but is left outside every day for a while to enjoy the sun.

The first suspect was described as a burly man, possibly in his 40s, wearing a charcoal gray hoodie, gray glove and light gray sweatshirt. The second suspect was also male, possibly wearing a tan bucket hat, black hoodie and dark colored pants.

The getaway vehicle is believed to be a Ford Excursion.

African gray parrots are highly sought after. They are considered one of the most intelligent bird species and one of the best at mimicking human speech. They have a half-life of 50 years.

Gerardo said Luna ripped a lot of feathers from her wings, so she’s very close.

“Bring her back. We want nothing more than to bring her back,” Gerardo said.

This story first appeared on Telemundo 52’s sister station NBCLA. Click on here to read this story in English.

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