We would be facing a shooter that would sweat the most powerful NVIDIA graphics

With the arrival of the new generation of consoles and the novelties of Epic Games regarding its graphics engine Unreal Engine, experimentation and ‘what if…’ have become very fashionable among the most experienced users. We’ve spent months seeing how well many players have taken care of create “next-gen” projects that, until recently, existed only in our minds and that we never thought we’d see on video. Can you imagine what a Far Cry remake would look like?

Well, that’s what YouTube channel officials wondered. Teaser Playwho have already wowed the gaming community with their videos on “What a The Mandalorian video game would like in Unreal Engine 5” or “What Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2 would look like in UE5”. Epic’s graphics engine is all the rage among these types of artists, and proof of that is the new video from these folks focused on the unofficial return of Far Cry.

It would be the ambitious Far Cry Remake in UE5, are you convinced?

  • From Teaser Play, they explained that to realize their idea of ​​creating a Far Cry remake in Unreal Engine 5 they had to create a technical demo to show all the advantages of said engine
  • The gameplay seen in the video was run on a computer with a graphics card NVIDIA RTX 4090 which offered dynamic 4K resolution and 60 fps
  • It seems your PC suffered a lot to run said demo due to the textures with a high level of detail, the number of elements included in the scene and the use of Lumen technology
  • Doesn’t that remind you a bit of Crysis?

The true future of Far Cry

Unfortunately, it looks like this fan project will remain what it is, something official. Ubisoft He’s already had enough with his own to start creating a reimagining of Far Cry’s first installment. Instead, it seems that already Two new episodes of the said franchise are up for grabs: Far Cry 7 and a title focused directly on multiplayer.

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