Uber’s 2023 Lost & Found Index shows a large collection of things typically left behind after rides, and you might be surprised to see which cities have the most forgetful culprits.

Clothes, phones, keys and wallets once again top the list of most often forgotten items, but as always, passengers also leave behind their unique, and sometimes downright unusual, talismans. Uber has seen people forget everything from a smoke machine to an ankle monitor to a Danny Devito Christmas decoration in this year’s index.

These are among the 10 weirdest things left in Ubers, a list that also includes: MY DOG IS IN THE CAR! a toy poodle (2); blue cap that says “I like the smell of jet fuel in the morning” (3); some bowling rags (5); my unicycle (7); 16 ounces of fake blood (8); a remote controlled printer and vibrator (9); and a pin with Jesus holding a slice of pizza (10).

Still weird, but not in the top 10 Uber: 2 nails, 6 cheesecakes, My happy sauce, a big pregnancy test, self-respect above all, and… OK. Here are the 50 for those interested.

Notably, New York is not on Uber’s latest list of the 10 most “forgotten” cities. Neither did last year, although apparently the French like to get rid of our hats. Neither does New Jersey. But Texas is represented twice in the top five.

Here are some of the top lost and found trends Uber has seen this year:

  • Lost in magic: Forget about finding Dory. Uber has seen a significant increase in the loss of Disney and Harry Potter items, particularly Minnie’s ears, lightsabers, Disney magic bands and, of course, magic wands.
  • It smells like weed: from bags of weed to pre-rolls and pens, medicinal and recreational, Uber has seen a “sharp” increase in forgotten marijuana products.
  • Games on the go: The Nintendo Switch was the #1 lost gaming device this year, with over 70 lost
  • It bites : Dentures and teeth continue to take the largest share of Uber’s lost property year after year. More than 40 cases of missing pearly white teeth have been reported this year, although the number of missing diamond grills has decreased, according to Uber.
  • Do you remember, do you remember the 5 of: April? April 5, 2022 was the most common day of the year for lost property, with nearly 1,000 lost property reports.
  • cold shoulders: Shawls have been one of the most forgotten items of clothing, with over 30 cyclists forgetting them.
  • Uber X-Rated: passengers got “lost in the moment” and left behind items privateincluding a full set of underwear, condoms and sex toys
  • Pets: Uber says it rounded up a group of people with missing pets, including dogs, turtles, hamsters and a rat
  • Inflation: With the recent egg shortage, it’s not a yolk that eggs have become a sought after commodity. Uber has seen an increase in reports of passengers leaving their precious eggs behind and wanting to collect their egg shipment.

In case you missed it: these are the weirdest things left in 2022. And here’s what to do if you’ve left your “valuables” behind.

The animal issues were real. (Image credit: Uber)

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