I’m going to introduce you to a situation: there’s a game that’s going to be released on May 2, and it’s May 1, so you can’t play it yet. But in New Zealand it’s already May 2, so you change the region of your account and you download the game and you play it without having hacked it and without anything: are you doing something illegal? Well, many will think not, but that’s it. what happened to redfall and it seems that Tic he doesn’t take it well.

As many of you know, Redfall will be released tomorrow May 2, so tonight early in the morning It can now be played without problems on Xbox and PC here in Spain. But as has happened with other games, in New Zealand it’s already Tuesday, so there it is already available for download without any problem. It’s because of it here are the players who downloaded the game and streamed it after changing the region of your Xbox account.

Twitch bans playing Redfall

Well, it’s the well-known content creator The golden snitch who echoed it Redfall had been downloaded and was streaming it:

  • As you can see, they banned it. Turns out the ban comes from ZeniMax, parent company of Bethesda
  • It all comes together that Xbox and Bethesda destroy everything that can be related to Redfall in the networks, action they take as a result of some reviews of the game have been advanced
  • This resulted in they even forbade themselves

snitch He is appealing the ban because he considers that he did nothing illegal if the game was already available in other regions. What do you think of the decision Bethesda?

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