Washington, Sep 1 – The United States expressed this Thursday its “rejection” of violence and hatred after the assassination attempt suffered by the Vice President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández, at the gates of her house in Buenos Aires .

“We are relieved to know that Vice President Cristina Fernández is fine. The United States joins Argentina and all peaceful people in rejecting violence, extremism and hatred everywhere,” the US ambassador to Argentina said on Twitter. Mark Stanley.

The Federal Police arrested an armed man on Thursday who tried to shoot the vice president when she was in the street, outside her apartment in the Recoleta neighborhood of the capital, surrounded by Kirchnerist militants.

The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, reported that the weapon had five bullets and that, for a reason not yet confirmed, it did not fire despite the fact that the man pulled the trigger.

Local television channels showed a man pointing at the vice president, who immediately crouched down in the middle of her escorts.

The incident is part of a climate of strong political tension in Argentina, after a prosecutor on August 22 requested a 12-year prison sentence for Cristina Fernández.

The petition was produced in the oral trial that the vice president faces for alleged irregularities in the award of public works during her government (2007-2015).

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