Washington – The United States declared on Tuesday that it does not see “credible” Russia’s allegations that the pumping of gas through the Nord Stream gas pipeline, which connects Russia with Germany under the Baltic Sea, is stopped for maintenance issues.

“We believe that these motives are not credible,” a State Department spokesman, Vedant Patel, told a news conference.

The official Russian agency TASS has advanced that the flow will resume “as soon as the problem is resolved in accordance with the contractual obligation to repair the turbine”, in which an oil leak was detected during maintenance work.

Russia insists that Siemens Energy must be the one to repair the turbine of the Portovaya compressor station, in the Leningrad region, the only one that was still in operation, since it can only be fixed in a specialized workshop, such as the one in Canada of the German company.

Patel pointed out that this is “one more” example that shows that Russia is not “a reliable source of energy”, which is why he pointed out that the United States continues to work with its allies in favor of European energy security and to reduce collective dependence. Russian energy.

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