The unexpected turn Gloria Camila’s life took after stepping away from TV

The unexpected turn Gloria Camila’s life took after stepping away from TV

The Ortega Cano family has had a busy year. The right-handed bullfighter ended his marriage to Ana María Aldón, leading to a complicated and highly publicized period. This resulted in embarrassing headlines whenever he appeared in public.

As a result, last October, Gloria Camila Ortega decided to step away from the television spotlight due to concerns for her mental health. Her withdrawal from the Mediaset sets followed her father’s high-profile divorce: “There are times when you need to step back and take a breath when things become too much,” she recently said during an appearance on Toñi Moreno’s afternoon program.

In recent months, Gloria Camila has focused on her personal life to regain energy and strength to return to the public eye. She has been strongly supported by her family, including her son, David García. What was not previously known, however, is that she has also decided to make a major change in her life and return to school.

What is Gloria Camila studying?

Her passion for the fashion industry led her to earn a degree in fashion design from the IADE School of Design several years ago, and last year she completed a Masters in Digital Marketing at ESIC. However, apparently feeling unfulfilled, she has now returned to college.

It was her father who announced this professional shift and expressed his pride in her: “Gloria Camila is an extraordinary person. She is studying law, and she will excel at it,” he stressed. His announcement surprised many in the European press, as the young woman did not reveal her plans on social media. José Ortega Cano is “very happy” about his daughter’s return to school and praises her for always supporting and defending him in the face of any controversy.

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