The Scott Pilgrim anime is already underway!  Netflix Confirms Rumors and Announces Dream Cast

The Scott Pilgrim anime is already underway! Netflix Confirms Rumors and Announces Dream Cast

After making the leap to the big screen, Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel will try its luck in the world of anime

What started out as a graphic novel in the world of comics ended up making the leap to film and later video games, and despite that, it’s still considered a “cult” work. Scott Pilgrim It’s one of those singular stories that managed to captivate people thanks to its very worked characters and its curious approach to romantic comedies.

In 2010, the premiere of Scott Pilgrim vs. The world on the big screen and thirteen long years later, his legacy lives on. Ubisoft was encouraged to develop a beat em’ up game on this license and it also ended up becoming a “cult” classic. However many fans from the original novel they feel that their story has not yet been properly adapted to another medium. And that’s where the anime.

Scott Pilgrim goes anime

  • they appeared a long time ago rumors enough to Scott Pilgrim could somehow return to the present, and it was just confirmed after it was announced that there will be… It will be adapted to the anime format!
  • netflix was responsible for formalizing the news, and this series will be released exclusively via its platform on a date yet to be determined
  • The animation of this project will be ensured by SARU Sciencethe study that created Yurei Deco, Heike Monogatari and Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!
  • O’Malley (original writer Scott Pilgrim) is writing the screenplay and will serve as showrunner. and executive producer with BenDavid Gravinski (Are you scared of the dark?)
  • Abel Gongora (Star Wars: Visions “TO-B1”) will be the director from anime
  • Yes Edgar Wrightthe filmmaker who directed the live-action film Scott Pilgrim, will also have a position Executive producer
  • Also note that this project will have a spectacular cast, since all 2010 movie actors and actresses They will reprise their characters for the anime.and which includes artists of the stature of Brie Larson, Audrey Plaza, Chris Evans and Michael Cera

What is the story of Scott Pilgrim about?

Scott Pilgrim is the story of a young man in his twenties from Toronto who is looking for any job as long as his landlords don’t kick him out of the apartment he lives in. The protagonist’s life changes completely when he meets the girl of his dreams, but there is a problem: he now has to face seven of his ex-partners who want to get rid of the competition.

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