The Puerto Rican singer shared some videos from his hospital bed after suffering a small incident during his concert in Duluth (Georgia, USA).

The tour Saturno World Tour started and Rauw Alejandro will travel half the world with her from February to October of this year. On March 6, the third show took place in the city of Duluth, in the state of Georgia (United States). It will arrive in Spain next September, with stopovers in Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Murcia or Palma.

The public present at the Gas South Arena appreciated the Puerto Rican show, which does not lack details: light effects, fireworks, dances and same choreography in the air while the singer performs his songs hanging from various strings.

The concert took place without any type of incident, but the truth is that the singer suffered from pain in one of his shoulders while playing. He endured and finished the show but as soon as he got off stage he rushed to the hospital to assess his injury.

He recounted it in his Instagram Stories, where he shared several videos of the stretcher in the room where he was awaiting medical test results. He was with Eric Duars, CEO and founder of Duars Entertainment, the promoter of his concerts.

Shit, tell me. My shoulder moved, but we finished the show. I love you CC Atlanta. Thank you for breaking up with me tonight,” said the artist, who hasn’t lost his sense of humor despite finding himself in a somewhat complicated situation given that his next concert will be held on March 8 in Orlando.

“Here in the after-party to vary the jangueos”, joked the artist, who wanted to transform his habituation into a dance floor: “With DJ Eric Duars in the hospital so that everyone can get up”.

As soon as they learned that Rauw Alejandro was injured, his fans ran to send him their best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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