The PS5 exceeds all expectations and the console’s sales figures are truly incredible

This morning the Sony quarterly figures, figures that help us, among other things, to know how PS5 sales have been in this first quarter of 2023 (Q1 2023). From PlayStation they cannot be happier, since the console accumulates records without rest, because a few days ago we read that the console’s sales rate already exceeded that of the PS4a machine that is remembered as having sold over 100 million consoles in its useful life.

Every quarter is better than the last for PS5, every month is better than the last, the numbers are scary. In the USA, PlayStation 5 set a new March sales record for a PlayStation platform and any console in general. It did the same in February 2023. In Europe, sales are skyrocketing, up 400% year-over-year and a 3699% for the first quarter of 2023. This shows that it is only in the first quarter of the year a total of 6.3 million PS5s have been shipped worldwide.

The ace Xbox Series hardware sales are down 13% in March and down 10% for the whole quarter. The ace Switch sales are down 19% for March and 18% for the first quarter. The Switch’s declining sales should come as no surprise given its age, but Xbox hardware’s decline is concerning. It is during this period that you should take steps forward considering your life cycle.

PS5 sales in exact numbers

Below, we specifically detail the new milestones the PS5 has reached:

  • The PS5 becomes the best-selling console in history in a Q1 (first quarter of the year)
  • PlayStation shipped a total of 6.3 million PS5s
  • The PS5 has reached its forecast and has managed to sell 19.1 million consoles in all of 2022
  • The current number of consoles sold reaches 38.5 million consoles

This data is particularly good, considering that PlayStation did not release any exclusive games during this first quarter of the year, indicating that exclusive PS5 releases of games such as Final Fantasy XVI (scheduled for June 22) there Marvel’s Spider-Man 2confirmed for the end of 2023, can close the console sales figures in historical figures.

Through this link you can also consult what were the best-selling PlayStation-branded consoles in history and the place the PlayStation 5 currently occupies among them.

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