The president of Mexico criticizes the demolition of the collapsed building in Miami

The president of Mexico criticizes the demolition of the collapsed building in Miami

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said this Monday that if he governed Florida, he would not have allowed the demolition of the collapsed building in Miami when there are still more than 120 missing people.

“If I ruled Florida, I would not have dynamited the building. And nobody there says anything. It is not just a technical matter, it is a human matter. How are 25 bodies rescued, but 120 are declared missing and yesterday the building was dynamited? That he couldn’t wait to do everything?”, said the president from the National Palace.

López Obrador made this reflection to criticize the media and especially The New York Times, which made an in-depth investigation of the accident on line 12 of the Mexico City subway, which left 26 dead, but, in his opinion, did not provide correct coverage of the collapse in Miami.

“I would like, with all due respect, for them to get involved (this newspaper) with a report now that the building fell in Florida”, he stressed.

The president wondered why they did not “prop up” the ruined building to continue the investigations.

“It was not possible?”, asked the president, and criticized the attitude of the media in the United States on this tragedy.

“Imagine if this happens to us in Mexico and the head of government (of the capital), a governor and of course with the approval of the president, they dynamite the building with 120 disappeared. How would we be here now?”, he pondered.

The Building Champlain Towers South, in Miami-Dade, part of which collapsed on June 24 with a provisional result of 24 deaths, was completely demolished Sunday night.

After 10:30 p.m. local time (03:30 GMT on Monday), explosive charges placed in holes drilled in the reinforced concrete structure were detonated and the 12-story building collapsed completely.

To date there are 121 people in the building who have not been located after the collapse, which occurred suddenly for reasons not yet determined.

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