The directors of the channel announced their decision through a statement this Monday “TVB does not have the broadcasting rights for the Oscars 2021. It was simply a commercial decision for which we chose not to seek the Oscars this year.” While it is speculated whether mainland China will continue with the television broadcast, the real reasons behind this measure are concluded with repressive overtones.

The first apparent cause is the North American filmmaker of Chinese origin Chloe Zhao , director of the film ‘Nomadland’, which garnered six nominations, four of which correspond to her, including best director, a category that this year became historic when it hosted two women for the first time.

In this case, it is not properly the film work in question, since the film is about a woman who lives in a rolling truck after the economic recession in North America. The point that has the 38-year-old Beijing-born director in her sights is her critical comments towards the Chinese government in 2013 and in 2020 when she said “America is now my country.”

A first measure of control by the government was to cancel searches on the chono internet for the word “Nomadland”. In this territory, the cases of censorship and restriction through general filters applied through the internet are well known.


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