The PC Puzzle Game Most People Should Know That’s On Sale For $0.30

The PC Puzzle Game Most People Should Know That’s On Sale For $0.30

Today I come to highlight one of those discounts that left my head spinning.

There are times when I come across with quite remarkable offers in the computer world, but the one I want to talk about here is beyond logic. You read it in the title: today I want to talk about a puzzle title that costs less than 30 cents and is going to give you a good handful of hours of very original puzzles. Going further, I have to say that this is a game that I always recommend whenever someone asks me for something worth playing in the genre. For that reason and without further ado, let’s get down to business with the offer.

Call of the Sea is a great game and costs less than 30 cents on PC

  • The offer in question is made by the companions of Eneba
  • You will find Call of the Sea there for only 0.27 €
  • This is the link with which you can access the offer
  • The total price of the game is €19.99so the discount is quite significant
  • Then I leave you with a trailer of the game for you to take a look

How do I redeem a game key on Steam?

  • When buying the game from Eneba you will receive a steam key
  • To redeem it, all you have to do is do it on this link
  • Once you complete the process, the game it will be added to your Steam library and you will have it unlocked inside forever

Why is Call of the Sea worth it?

Call of the Sea is one of those puzzle games that forces you to think outside the box. That is to say, it is one of those titles in which, at the beginning of the puzzle, you will see them coming. However, as you progress on the subject, everything will work like magic until you reach that Eureka moment that secretes so much dopamine in the brain. Plus, it has a Lovecraftian frame, which is always a plus.

Well, that’s the offer I wanted to talk about today. What do you think?

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