The new Nintendo Switch 2 could be announced between June and September, according to a leak

The new Nintendo Switch 2 could be announced between June and September, according to a leak

Several leakers agree that the successor to Nintendo’s current console will be presented as soon as possible

”If the river rings, the water carries”, is one of the sayings that can apply to many areas of life, but in the video game industry they have a particular strength for a specific reason: it often happens that all kinds of rumors start to emerge on a possible announcement gradually to eventually become a reality. And, precisely, one of the products that has been the most surrounded due to alleged leaks of recent months is none other than the future Nintendo Switch 2.

In this same article My buddy Juan has rounded up everything known so far about what would be the rumored successor to the Nintendo Switch, but this time I want to filter through a few insiders who have information that might be viable and swirl around of when the aforementioned Nintendo Switch 2 would be announced. I leave you with all the information below so you can have it as close as possible.

Nintendo Switch 2 announced in summer 2023?

  • The first of these leaks corresponds with Mike Odyssey, who has a good history of leaks in the past
  • This guarantees in one of his latest videos that Nintendo has prepared a great event to be held in the summer
  • What is most striking is that several sources close to the company reportedly told him that the Switch successor would be showcased at said event
  • This event would take place at some point to be confirmed between the months of June and September
  • On another side, Cult_of_Emberwho usually leaks information about Marvel, also comments that he has heard rumors that the console will be announced this year

Taking into account that almost nothing is known of Nintendo’s plans after launch The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and, above all, that the silence that the company maintains in this regard is more intense than normal, I would not be surprised if it had an ace up its sleeve. Will it be the aforementioned Nintendo Switch 2? Only time will tell.

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