The Michelle Yeoh movie you can see on Filmin after her 2023 Oscars triumph

The Michelle Yeoh movie you can see on Filmin after her 2023 Oscars triumph

This action flick is reminiscent of the comedic fights of All at Once Everywhere

all at once everywhere He swept the Oscars and every award show he was nominated for. The film, directed by a brilliant Michelle Yeoh, shines with its performances, its action sequences and the brilliant direction of the Daniels. Well, after the huge success he had, it is interesting to visit the other works of his star, like this martial arts cinema classic that you can see on Filmin.

You can now see Ultra Force 2 on Filmin

  • Ultra Force 2 is an action tape made in Hong Kong is one of the first works of Michelle Yeoh’s career.
  • The film dates from 1986, but its action is very explosive and entertaining to watch despite the constraints of the time.
  • In her, Yeoh brings a police inspector to life who must fight the Triad.
  • Filmin is a great platform to see this kind of niche content that doesn’t usually appear in other streaming catalogs.

I think if you liked all at once in all parties will love this band. The Daniels’ award-winning film is heavily inspired by the martial arts genrewith action sequences reminiscent of productions such as Ultra Force 2. This type of cinema can be outdated or not very credible at times when the lack of budget is felt. However, the fights have very good choreography, reminiscent of productions like John Wick.

Synopsis of Ultra Force 2

Michelle Yeoh is spectacular in the action sequences of Ultra Force 2.

Following the assassination of a British diplomat, Inspector Ng (Michelle Yeoh) will be involved in a Triad plot. To thwart the plans of the criminal organization, he must recover a microfilm which contains very important information on the counterfeiting activity. Over the band will have to ally with his partner Carrie Morris and overcome their differences to retrieve the device and put a powerful Hong Kong crime lord behind bars.

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