The metaverse reaches urban music: BIGSOUND Urban Talent x Uttopi Metaverse is born

The metaverse reaches urban music: BIGSOUND Urban Talent x Uttopi Metaverse is born

Urban music fans are ready to enjoy one of their must-see dates of the year. This year, the BigSound Festival will bring together artists of the stature of Duki, Bizarrap, Sebastián Yatra, Ana Mena, Mora and Manuel Turizo, among others, on June 29-30 and July 1.

Also. If your passion is urban music and you have the talent to show it to others, a new BigSound initiative is coming with Uttopi, they have joined forces to create BIGSOUND Urban Talentthe metaverse’s first urban musical talent contest whose winner will be part of the festival poster this year.

The competition consists of four phases that will take place in a space virtualized by Uttopion, which will be inspired by the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. In the first phase, the professional jury will select 30 talents, who will qualify for the semi-final and the popular vote. They will have until April 27 at 11:59 p.m. to send in their applications. Everyone will be able to listen to the talent of these 30 artists via the website from May 11.

On May 23, the second phase will begin, during which public voting will select 10 participants who will go directly to the grand finale. This event will take place on June 2, during which a professional jury will select the three winners. The first of them wins a face-to-face performance at BigSound Festival 2023; the second, a performance and event of its own in the metaverse of Uttopia; and, the third, will earn VIP invitations for himself and his team to enjoy the festival.

Llega BIGSOUND Urban Talent x Uttopia Metaverse / promotional poster

“This is when music and the metaverse come together to launch music careers and introduce new ways to consume culture and music,” says Soyara Cadalso, co-founder of Uttopion.

Who will be able to win and bring artists of the stature of Lali, Villano Antillano, and more to the stage? We’ll have to wait to find out.

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