When a year has passed since the premiere of the first season of Heart strokeNetflix has (finally) announced the release date of the second one: the new batch of episodes will arrive on the platform on August 3rd continue to be witnesses of Charlie’s life (Joe Locke), Nickname (Kit Connor) and the rest of his band of friends inside and outside the institute.

And it is that the series based on the graphic novels by Alice Oseman, who acts as showrunner and writer of the series, has become in a few days one of the most acclaimed and celebrated titles on Netflix. So much so that a month after its premiere, the platform decided to renew the series not only for one but for seasons.

Along with the release date announcement, Netflix has released a short video in which we can see its protagonists behind the scenes talking about what we can expect in this second season. A season in which Imogen will begin to value herself more and put her priorities above those of the boys she likes, She will feel more sure of herself and will be able to explore a relationship with Tao beyond the friendship and both Charlie and Nick They will experience a new stage in their relationship. The arrival of end-of-year exams, a trip to Paris, a prom and the imminent arrival of summer will also be the undisputed protagonists of this love story. which has already conquered millions of people around the world.

If the first season of Heart stroke touched on the first two volumes of the graphic novel, it is not unreasonable to think that this second will include the third and fourth (with a fifth volume which will be released at the end of 2023 and a sixth which will end this very special universe, still undated launch in sight). Of course, a new season where love, friendship and mental health will again occupy the minutes of our computers and televisions.

And you, Do you fancy this second season? If you still haven’t joined the fan phenomenon of Heart stroke you have a few months ahead of you to catch up and fall in love (like us) with all of its characters and the stories that surround them. Three months pass very quickly and we are already counting the days.

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