The Marlins respond to allegations that they banned political messages

The Marlins respond to allegations that they banned political messages

In a press release, the Miami Dade Mayor’s Office said that although the stadium was built as a public-private enterprise, the current contract stipulates that everything that happens inside the stadium happens at the discretion of the administration of the Marlins.

From the irruption of the demonstrators on the grass to the boos against the representatives of the regime among the spectators. Among them, former baseball player Víctor Mesa, who did not travel without the rejection of those present.

Other images have also sparked controversy and indignation in the networks: participants who denounce having been prevented from entering “Loadepot Park” with banners and messages for the freedom of the Cuban people, or banned from use them once inside.

Lawyer Miguel Inda Romero wore a sweater with the image of Che, who said he was a murderer, not a hero, he had paid a place with a woman, but he refused and it was constantly broadcast on television.

“I explained to them that I had every right to be there”

Despite the inconveniences denounced by some, the presence of messages against the dictatorship prevailed in words and out loud.

“Then, like I was a little kid, they put a security guard next to me, watching every move I made”

The Marlins said in a statement that “World Baseball Classic policy, established long before the tournament began, prohibits political messaging at all games and at all facilities to draw attention to the competition on the field ( …) Due to a request from Los Marlins, it became clear that the posts of “Patria y Vida” did not fall into the category of political commentary and should be admitted, and so it was.

In its response, the Marlins administration referred us to advice on the multiple restrictions at the stadium. Posters may not exceed 3×5 in size, may not touch guests, may not contain advertising, and may not contain political or disrespectful messages.

What happened yesterday opens a debate about the ability of private institutions to define what is considered “political or respectful” and, therefore, to regulate freedom of expression. Representatives for the Marlins today stressed that they were flexible and participants were allowed to protest. They maintain that no participant was refused entry.

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