The Kings League champion: El Barrio vs Aniquiladores FC, summary, result and winner of the Final Four

The Kings League champion: El Barrio vs Aniquiladores FC, summary, result and winner of the Final Four

A tense final that was controlled by El Barrio and gave Adri Contreras’ side the first title

Two breathtaking semi-finals They left us with an unexpected end. The seventh and the eighth They succeeded qualify for the final of the Kings League to experience a historic match for play in front 92,522 characters. None of them were favorites in their encounters and they still reached the final.

No one could predict this crossing and no one can predict what’s going to happen so I’ll do a little preview here. Keep reading and you will see the match summary with your marker and the winner of the Kings League Grand Final.

player 12

Mantovani and Nadir. The players who they have already played the semi-finals They are obviously in the final.

secret weapon

  • The neighborhood: Sanction two minutes.
  • FC Nullifiers: Sanction two minutes.

Summary of El Barrio vs Aniquiladores FC

El Barrio 3 – 0 Annihiladores FC

First part:

  • Min. 1: Penalty President of El Barrio.
  • Min. 1: Adrian mark his first penalty in the entire Kings League in the Grand Final. (1-0)
  • Min. 3: Goal by Mantovani after a cross corner. (2-0)
  • Min. 18: Of of the league. 3 against 3.
  • Daniel Perez two were taken stop to maintain the 2-0 and that El Barrio does not increase their advantage.
  • The first half ends in controversy by cutting an Annihilator attack and the second coach are reprimand.

Second part:

  • Min. 20: penalty chair of Nullifiers. Spain will throw in front Jose Juan.
  • Min. 20: Spain he sends it after a bad shot.
  • Min 24: Pide Secret Weapon Annihilators.
  • Min 25: The weapon echa to Mantovani minutes until the 27th. The neighborhood asks for your gun Also.
  • Min 26: The weapon give Nadir two minutes until the 28th.
  • Min. 38: Mantovani arrives alone in front of the Anniquiladores FC goal to judge the final. (3-0)

Winner of the first edition of the Kings League: El Barrio

El Barrio wins the Kings League

The neighborhood They had a calm final, with tense moments but they dominated and were very comfortable in their game. They win the first title in Kings League history by entering the playoffs in last place.

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