It took Apple seven years to increase the number of megapixels on the main iPhone sensor, so it’s pretty safe to assume that the camera resolution won’t change anytime soon.

Of course, Apple has other changes planned, and according to a new rumor the master bedroom of the iPhone 15 Ultra (new name that the Pro Max model will acquire) it will be much better than the 48MP sensor of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Filter IceUniverse has published that the top end of the new iPhone 15 will use a new Sony sensor for the main camera. The iPhone 14 Pro Max 2022 is equipped with the Sony IMX803 48MP sensor, while the iPhone 15 Ultra will have the IMX903 sensor.

One of the main differences between the two sensors, again according to the IceUniverse leak, is that camera sensor of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is 1/1.28 inches, while that of the IMX903 is 1/1.14 inch. In theory, large sensors are better than small ones, as they are able to capture more light and detail.

Although a 1/1.14 inch sensor is not the same as a 1 inch sensor, IceUniverse claims it will be almost as good. According to a report from last November, the IMX903 has also could have twice the signal clipping levelwhich should help reduce noise and improve dynamic range.

In recent weeks we have seen a few Android phones in China with 1 inch sensorsand turned out to be a serious competition for the best phones on the market, many of which are equipped with cameras that rely on high-megapixel sensors and computational photography. A larger main sensor could help Apple overpower the competition.

It is also very likely that the iPhone 15 Ultra will have a new periscope camera with optical zoom up to 6x. The iPhone 15 Pro will likely stick with the 3x zoom telephoto lens of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

For some time now, rumors about the iPhone 15 have not stopped. Since design changehe abandonment of physical buttons for haptic buttons And tomorrow. Until we come to the current one on the camera sensor, all of which are pretty believable.

High-end models should also have processors with 3 nm architectureas well as that all 4 phones in the family have Dynamic Island and adapt the USB-C port, first for Apple. To see them officially we have to wait until September, but along the way we will learn more.

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