Esaúl Aparicio was driving eastbound on the 405 freeway near Los Angeles International Airport when he was involved in a multi-vehicle accident.

A vehicle struck the car he was driving from behind and in turn hit the one in front of him. However, the driver who hit Aparicio’s vehicle said a fourth car, which also allegedly hit him from behind, sped off.

“He told the officer they hit him but there was no evidence he ran away,” Aparicio said.

A spectator’s car was damaged by a film crew, but they could not come to a satisfactory agreement with those responsible. Telemundo 52 Responde helped solve the case.

When Aparicio tried to get insurance from the driver who hit him to pay for the damage, they told him it was not possible.

“(They told me) they weren’t going to pay me because the car behind the one that hit me had fled,” Aparicio said.

This left him outraged.

“It’s not my fault he leaked,” said Aparicio, who decided to call Telemundo 52 Responde to help with his problem.

The Telemundo 52 Responde team contacted Farmers, the insurance company of the driver who crashed Aparicio’s car. They asked him to reassess the case and quickly got a response.

“The same day they called me to solve the problem. I mean, it was quick,” Aparicio said.

After reconsidering the situation, the farmers informed him that they would take responsibility for the damage.

“They paid me $6,200 for my car,” said Aparicio, who with that money was able to buy a new car. “And that was fine, because supposedly they weren’t going to pay me anything anymore.”

In case of complaint, you can contact the team Telemundo 52 responds at (866) 269-6199

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