We saw it coming Super Mario Bros: The Movie It was going to be a theatrical hit, but no one imagined that he would be able to cross the $1,000 million barrier in such a short time. just passed away 26 days after its premiere, but the long-awaited adaptation of the adventures of the plumber has passed this milestone. A record that no film based on or inspired by a video game has approached and which places Nintendo in a delicate position… When to confirm Super Mario Bros 2: The Movie? Do we have to adapt other sagas and characters?

The Journey of Super Mario Bros: The Box Office Movie

If we start talking about the end, box office mojo argued that Super Mario Bros: The Movie now totals $1,022 million worldwide, thanks in part to the success of the feature film in Japan and South Korea, countries where it has just been released in theaters. That’s to say, joins list of films to surpass $1 trillion mark, being the only adaptation of a video game to achieve this. Of course, Illumination, producer of Super Mario Bros: The Moviealready has experience of this, because in the past they have exceeded this record Minions there Crane 3: My Favorite Villain.

However, the best for analyze the instant and thunderous success of Super Mario Bros: The Movie is to study some of the figures that this movie has performed worldwide for the 26 days he was on the billboard:

  • In the United States, the film cumulates 490 million dollarswhile in the rest of the world it is $532 million.
  • This weekend opened in Japan and South Korea: $14.3 and $5.7 million respectively in these markets.
  • In Spain, Super Mario Bros: The film accumulates more than 20 million eurosbeing the seventh best market for feature films in the world.
  • Yes, it’s in Mexico (73.2 million), United Kingdom (56.4 million) and German (43.9 million) where Super Mario fever has lived the most.
Millions rain down on Illumination and Nintendo offices for the success of Super Mario Bros: The Movie

Eventually, Super Mario Bros: The Movie enjoyed unprecedented success during its inception, and many pundits already place its ultimate box office goal very close to $1.3 trillion. It wouldn’t be the most-watched animated film in history (there’s Frozen), but it would come very close to getting there.

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