The last Oscar gala was one of the most commented on, thanks in particular to the great victory of All at once everywhere, which some moviegoers didn’t take very well. Besides the awards, the ceremony also had other events that ended up going viral, like one that featured two of its guests: Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson’s prank on Emily Blunt at the Oscars

The Film Academy published in its Twitter the photo of a moment spent largely unnoticed during the gala. In the image, Johnson, weighing nearly 250 pounds, can be seen sitting on Blunt’s lap. This event happened just before the duo awarded the Best Animated Feature Award to Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio. You can see the photo below.

There is no doubt that the actor did not act in bad faith, and it was a little joke that he made to his girlfriend, with whom he has a very close relationship. Most amazing of all, Blunt was able to bear Johnson’s heavy weight without showing any signs of discomfort. As expected, Twitter users were quick to crack jokes. One pointed out that Blunt was run over by a Rock.

The great friendship that unites Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson

It’s no secret that since filming Jungle Cruise, Johnson and Blunt have been getting along great. In a 2021 interview, the actress said she and her partner were great friends and when she met him, it was expected that he would have a very different way of being. Those were Blunt’s words.

  • “I imagined him as a sort of larger-than-life person with a personality to match. But he just said, ‘Hi, how are you?’ and he was very quiet and shy.

Other memorable moments from the Oscars

In addition to the joke between Blunt and Johnson, the Oscar gala left us with other unforgettable moments. Among them, see Lady Gaga helping a paparazzi victim of an unfortunate fall. It has also been widely commented Ana de Armas interview, since the actress had to answer a rather uncomfortable question. Even with everything, the balance of the night was quite positive.

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