If it was formalized many months ago, the multiplayer game The Last of Us remains for the moment a project that could not be more mysterious. But the wait is almost over according to Neil Druckmann, who reconfirmed that we’ll see “a lot more” about him later this year.

It’s no longer a secret the future looks particularly bright for The Last of Us. Between the arrival of at least two additional seasons for the television adaptation, of a potential third episode but also of a multiplayer game, the fans are far from having finished with this universe. Also, as we know, the latter project will be the next big release from Naughty Dog, which made the game official in 2022.. And if we still know very little about him, Neil Druckmann recently recalled that this should soon change.

The Last of Us game will appear soon

Indeed, during his passage in Kinda Funny hosted by Greg Miller, the co-creator of the license has confirmed that we will have the opportunity to meet her ” much more “ in this title “Later This Year”. If you do not give more information on the exact moment when this will happen, it is not impossible that it will take place during the famous PlayStation Showcase evoked by the latest rumors of the broker, whose broadcast would be scheduled for the month of June. Waiting, Druckmann says to himself ” thrilled “ of this project, since it imposes itself as “a new experience” for him :

Personally, it was a new experience for me because it’s the first The Last of Us game where I’m not a writer or director. I’m more in the role of producer or mentor, so it allows me to see it in a different light. That’s exciting.

Then add thatit will be a game ” very different “ what players have seen on the license so farwhich is explained precisely by the fact that it was done by other people. “But for me, that’s part of the excitement. I can see other people taking a leadership role in this world and see how it goes. I can’t wait to show it.” conclude then. And one thing is sure fans are also eager to find out what is behind this mysterious project.of which we have little more than vague information at the moment.

As a reminder, The Last of Us multiplayer game will launch on PS5 at an undetermined date. A PS4 version could also be in the works.

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