If you played Fortnite since its battle royale mode was born a few years ago, you will have experienced the golden age of the game; the one in which everyone was talking about him and it was the most watched title on Twitch because of some great streamers on the platform like, for example Ninja, being that very thing in which I want to concentrate here. Or, actually, him and 4 other former Fortnite stars who would be work to create his own battle royale outside of the latter. I tell you everything below.

What is Project V and when will it be playable?

  • This Project V is run by 5 of the best Fortnite streamers SypherPK, Ninja, CouRageJD, NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman
  • They are all English speaking and they became very famous with the big boom that Fortnite hit a few years ago
  • This new battle royale It will be created using the Fortnite Unreal editor, so it will be part of the game itself
  • This implies that it will be accessible via creative mode 2.0
  • This experience will be created by Oni Studios, SypherPK’s game studio
  • I hope we can test it a date to be determined in 2024

How will this new battle royale work?

  • As can be read in the official website of the project, this will go far beyond being a simple Creative 2.0 map of Fortnite
  • It will belong to the battle royale genre, so the premise will be simple: 100 player games where the last one standing wins
  • It will be a game that will be greatly influenced by its community of players, so that you can participate in polls and vote on the future of the game

We know very little about this project, but I will be extremely attentive to any news that will result from it to tell you about it as soon as I know that it exists. How do you all feel about you so far?

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