The first statements of Britney Spears' father after the court ruling:

The first statements of Britney Spears’ father after the court ruling: “It is a terrible loss for her”

After being removed from the guardianship that Jamie Spears exercised for thirteen years over his daughter Britney Spears, he issued a statement through his attorney, Vivian L. Thoree.

Jamie Spears, 69, said the court ruling is a “loss” for the pop star. In a statement after Wednesday’s ruling, Thoree said his client will continue “looking out for the best interests of his daughter”, despite his suspension.

Mr. Spears unconditionally loves his daughter Britney. For 13 years, he has tried to do what is best for her, either as a healer or as a parent.” Thoreen’s statement began, then added that he was responsible for “help her revive her career and reestablish a relationship with her children”, Jayden and Sean Preston.

Anyone who has tried to help a family member deal with mental health issues can understand the daily work that this requires.” Continued the lawyer. Thoreen said the “work and worry” included Jamie having to bite his tongue to not respond to “all false, speculative and unsubstantiated attacks” from the public media or, more recently,” Britney’s own attorney”.

Thoreen called the outcome of Wednesday’s hearing as “even more disappointing and frankly a loss for Britney”.

Mr. Spears has served faithfully and loyally. Your record is impeccable,” Said the lawyer.

“Despite the suspension, Mr. Spears will continue to serve his daughter’s best interests and will work in good faith to achieve a positive resolution of all matters.” Thoreen’s statement concluded.

Jamie Spears’ suspension takes effect immediately, and she will be replaced with an interim guardian “in the best interest” of Britney Spears, Judge Brenda Penny said. “Mr. Spears must surrender all his assets and powers as guardian.”

The attorney for Britney Spears, Mathew Rosengart, argued in court that her father is “a cruel, toxic and abusive man”, and said it was time to get it out. “It’s about what Britney wants. She wants him out of her life today,” Rosengart said.

Britney Spears deserves to wake up tomorrow without her father as a guardian. It is what my client wants, it is what my client needs, it is what my client deserves.”

The judge appointed John Zabel, an accountant, to assume temporary control of the estate until the next steps are determined. It is expected that Rosengart returns to court with a plan to end the deal and allow Spears to regain unrestricted control of her life..

Spears’ conservative of her person, Jodi Montgomery, who manages her daily wellness and medical decisions, will continue in that role for now.

Thoreen had previously questioned Zabel’s experience and abilities, filing court documents earlier this week alleging that “is not a licensed professional fiduciary”. Rosengart responded in a later presentation, arguing that Zabel is “nationally recognized with an impeccable record of serving in positions of trust”.

In court on Wednesday Thoreen insisted that Jamie had made all the decisions in “the best interest” of his daughter and that he wishes to speak with Britney after several months without contact.

In a court file, Rosengart stated that his client’s father should be investigated for allegedly placing a recording device in her home, according to a new documentary by Hulu made by the newspaper The New York Times.

A hearing was set for the 12th of November to determine if the guardianship will end completely.

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