In recent weeks we have seen Asraf Beno there Manuel Cortes create an increasingly pronounced distance in survivors and they speak only to argue. And this was transferred to the board where its defenders, A Pantoja there raquel bun they also maintain a permanent confrontation.

It seems that far from finding support in his own family, Asraf approached Adara Miller and both give each other the support they need in their respective confrontations. The fact is that they are more united every day.

Many believe that it is a forced and self-serving move that Asraf is taking on the advice of his girlfriend. “I spoke to her several times on Instagram, I don’t know her in person, when she went I didn’t tell her I was going to Asraf, I told her she was going to have a great time and” Give yourself everything.” Really what I told him Asraf from Adara was that he was a great person. He sent me a very nice message at a very difficult time in my life and I thanked him very much“Isa explained on set her relationship with Adara.

At the start of the program, it looked like they weren’t going to be in tune with each other and that’s how Isa confessed: “When Adara named him I thought they were bound to get alongbut in the pre-coexistence to sleep with him they had to connect and I’m very happy that he has someone to lean on”.

family schism

Regarding her relationship with Manuel, Isa did not remain silent either: “I don’t mind that they are fighting for coexistence, but the forms are not adequate. I don’t know what’s left for me to say so many insults in such a short time”.

“I know Manuel a lot and they have to tell him a lot to make him jump like that“, his mother, Raquel Bollo, came to his defense. And of course, the schism in Honduras has reached the plateau where Isa and Raquel are getting used to facing each other in every program.

They are not on the same level By the time they take me there they ain’t on the same levelIsa assured about the differences between Asraf and Manuel.

“First of all, you don’t have to tell me that Asraf has been packing with me for four years because I’m not just anyone who’s been there. He’s my cousin and I expected him from anyone but my own cousin.clarified Isa, specifying what he thought of his cousin’s behavior on the beach.

Rachel accused her of victimizing herselfbut the truth is that, on social networks, we have seen that a large part of the audience positions itself on the side of the daughter of Isabel Pantoja.

Ion Aramendi he wanted to know who he would support Isabelle Pantoja if I was on set. “My mother doesn’t see that. You don’t watch the show. But honestly, I don’t know,” Isa answered in all sincerity.

We will see if the relationship between her boyfriend and her cousin can improve or end up breaking up for good.

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