Complete list with all the free games you can enjoy during this weekend of April 2023

Did you feel like it was Friday? Well, and who doesn’t, right? Especially if you don’t work weekends. The fact is that this means that now we will have much more free time, and since many will take advantage of it to play new video games, I bring you a compilation with the free games that are this weekend.

And I already tell you that there are some very interesting options to take into account if you don’t want to spend a euro but want to try new things. So, I can’t find myself anymore, and I leave you with the complete list!

Featured free games of the weekend

The Elder Scrolls Online

I’ve never played this game because titles like this don’t really appeal to me. But I also know that they are very engaging and crazy time eaters. And it won’t be free this weekend only, since it’s for a whole week. I recommend you give it a try as everyone I know who has played it has been blown away by the game.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a video game platforms there adventures featuring the charismatic protagonist of the Little Big Planet saga. Whether alone or in the company of several friends, users will have fun jumping, running and overcoming all kinds of challenges through all kinds of incredibly well-designed 3D environments.

Jfree games for ps4

Free Games For PS5

Xbox One (requires Xbox with Gold)

Xbox Series X|S (requires Xbox with Gold)


And although I haven’t talked about them, it is also worth mentioning services such as PS Plus Premium or Xbox Game Pass, where you will find an infinite number of titles to try completely free of charge if you are a subscriber. Of course, there are also plenty of demos to try out and other tests. I also remind you that every Friday you have a post with the weekend free games, so stay tuned!

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