Disney Plus just confirmed what its 10 premieres are for the week which has just started, from April 3 to 9, 2023. In addition to these releases, new episodes of series like Grey’s Anatomy or The Mandalorian will also arrive, so there will be a wide assortment of films, series and documentaries for all tastes. Of course, among the new batch releases, I would highlight Amen: Francisco responds there carmine and amen.

Amphibia Season 3 (Chapters 1-9) – April 5

New chapters of this animated series broadcast by disney channeland this can be seen in Spain through Disney Plus, Anne Boonchuy is an ordinary 13-year-old girl who one day, after discovering a seemingly harmless trunk, is transported into the world of “amphibians“, a kingdom in which live frogs, toads and giant insects.

Amen: Francis Responds – April 5

documentary in which Pope Francis will meet with several young people to talk about all kinds of subjects, including the LGTBIQ+ community, abortion or sexual abuse within the Church. They will learn from the Sovereign Pontiff, but he will learn from young people who have a lot to say.

Carmina and Amen – April 7

paco leonafter the success of Carmina and Bustallied to media play Rotate carmine and amena delightful sequel again featuring his mother, barrios carminawhich brought cinema closer to the lives of many of our mothers.

Carmina Barros, mother of Paco León, protagonist of Carmina y Amen

Little Beautiful Things – April 7

Catherine Hahn there Jean Berchtold star of this dramatic comedy whose main attraction is that the star of Agatha: Chaos Coven (of Marvel Cinematic Universe). Tiny Beautiful Things follows a woman who reluctantly becomes Dear Sugar. She is a revered anonymous advice columnist even as her own life crumbles.

little beautiful things disney more
Kathryn Hahn in Tiny Beautiful Things

Other Disney Plus premieres from April 3-9, 2023

  • Area21 Live on Planet Earth (Documentary) – April 5.
  • The Lady of Horo (Movie) – April 7.
  • The Footprint of Silence (movie) – April 7.
  • The Ball (movie) – April 7.
  • Goya in Bordeaux (film) – April 7.
  • Good Words (movie) – April 7.

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