Taichu He has become one of those essential artists of the playlist of meetings between friends. The Argentinian artist has delighted us all with his musical versatility, crossing different genres and showing that music is the true protagonist of his life. Some examples are Gabbana, Tolkien Yit there ICT Tac.

But now she’s ready to finally show us her most authentic side with the album. RAW!. He told us precisely about himself in an interview with LOS40 Urban, in addition to the collaborations that will include, his curious connection with flamenco and what he has prepared with La Zowi. Here is what he told us:

Question (Q): Hello, Taichu. Thank you for being with us. Welcome to Spain. Have you been here before?

Answer (R): No thanks to you. I was here before, yes, but it’s really nice to be back, really.

Q: You say that flamenco has been very present in your life. How is?

A: For my mother. The fact is that she is a flamenco dancer and at my house they heard a lot of flamenco and also Indian music. It happened to me that my head burned me a little because my mother was tapping all day. It was something that sounded so much at home, later it became interesting for me too because I liked to sing a lot.

Taichu for TOP music video / Photo courtesy of Dale Play Records

Q: How did flamenco influence Taichu’s music?

A: What I really like is the way they write the lyrics, and the way they have so… maybe a little dramatic way of telling things. In my music, I also have a very particular side where I talk about things, but maybe mine is a bit more visual. Although in flamenco the lyrics are also quite visual. But I don’t know, I feel the particularity of their way of writing and I love it. It inspired me.

Q: In this aspect, you will have listened to Rosalía. What do you think of her and her style?

A: I love it. Imagine that when I was listening to it, flamenco was that for me, something in my house behind closed doors and when Rosalía goes out doing what she does… I love it.

Q: Upcoming album: RAW!. What can you tell us about this album?

A: The second cut of the album has already been released, which is called HIGH. The first was You Yes K Ta Loko. I’m very excited about this album. The truth is that I’m very happy with how it turned out and what’s coming out and I already want it to come out and that’s what I can anticipate at the moment. I feel like of all the things I’ve shown since I started making music, it all finally comes to a port. It’s like all the facets I showed, which were several, in this one it’s as if I felt complete Me doing what I have to do.

Q: Are any collaborations planned on the album?

A: Yes of course. Some with artists from other parts of the world than Argentina.

Q: Taichu is synonymous with natural. What is the importance for you that an artist shows himself as he is?

A: Equally important and decisive for me, it is not. I believe that everyone shows themselves as they can. Social media is not easy for everyone. I understand that each artist shows what he wants and what he can. I am very conquered when the artists are more real and natural. Well, Rosalía, I feel like she shows something quite natural in her networks and I love that.

Q: The woman in the trap. What do you think of the scene and the industry?

A: I believe that today women are the ones who offer the freshest things of the moment and those who give the most. I am not generalizing and I am not saying “all men”. Obviously there are a lot of artists, we are all a lot. It’s nice to see that with everything that has been done, for example, in my case, in Argentina, there is Cazzu, Joaqui… in my case, I say that what has been generated today is very beautiful and I think every day the genre matters less whoever you are and the quality of the music matters more.

Q: How does Taichu create his songs?

A: It’s always random. There is no single method that I use. Creativity is also something very volatile, just like inspiration. One day I’m inspired by something and I start the song already knowing what I want and other times I start looking for it. Is random.

Q: When did you realize you could make a living from music?

A: I was part of a collective called Ripgang. I started learning how to download a song from Spotify, this and that… with them and I think the moment I realize I can eat it is the moment I understand the world a little more. the importance of everything that circulates. Without a doubt, when my first song falls on it too, with that I say: well, I’ll try, I don’t lose anything.

Q: You coincided with La Zowi. Is a collaboration in sight?

A: Yes of course. We spoke one hundred percent. We have some things that we have already tried and hopefully something will come out very soon.

Q: We will be very careful to listen to him. Thank you very much, Taichu, for serving us.

A: Thank you very much for the space.

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