Susanna Griso and her rebuke to Orestes after losing the boat “Pasapalabra”: “What do you have to hide?”

Susanna Griso and her rebuke to Orestes after losing the boat “Pasapalabra”: “What do you have to hide?”

It’s clear that Password lives a new stage, although it is impossible not to remember this recent historic boat that Rafa Castaño took. The winner completed the donut in a single round, correcting all 25 questions they were asked. Robert Loyalsomething that also left out the other historical participant, Orestes.

If there is something missing from the media echo that Castaño has obviously received, it is the opinion of his opponent, who has barely spoken on the subject beyond what may have been excerpt from an interview with another former player of the program, Luis the Llama. Although that silence ended when he got tired of seeing speculation about his condition.

The one from Burgos used his personal Twitter account to start a thread in which he told everything he thought about the situation. “I have received quite a few messages of concern these days and, even if I had decided not to express myself, I saw that the most appropriate thing was to specify it to avoid any confusion. I will perfectly well. With much more joy for the tranquility that I will gradually find and the positive background that allows us to have lived such an exceptional experience as a whole”, begin.

Even so, he also confessed that he would rather spend his time being with his friends and family after a year and a half of competing instead of making statements. Something perfectly understandable for his followers, who supported his comments on social networks; but not for Susanna Griso.

The presenter of public mirrorwho is precisely the one who interviewed Luis the Llama and that he received this brief update on the status of the former participant live, he devoted a few minutes to the reaction of Orestes live. Of course, it wasn’t friendly at all: “If you’re emotionally hungover, you go out and say it normally, and goodbye. You’ve been on TV for a year and a half, I think there’s also an unspoken contract that if you’ve been every night in prime time on Antena 3, on the most successful show on TV, retiring with that silence gives rise to speculation about your state of mind later”.

In this way, Griso made it clear that Orestes’ decision to retire from the media was not the right one, especially if you didn’t want content to be published that stated – even with assumptions – how it was. Password it’s a very popular format with the general public, and after such a long season on the program, it’s obvious that the public wanted to know more about its state of mind.

“Why so much secrecy, what do you have to hide? You go out, talk and say ‘I’m happy for you, congratulations Rafa’. You look like a man and that’s it, less victimization!”, He concluded. Thus, he clearly expressed his absolute disagreement with the decision of the former participant, which for the moment has not been not yet pronounced on the subject.

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