If you have seen the second gala of Survivors 2023you will know that Patricia Donoso, one of the format’s most promising contestants, eventually left the contest after several feints. Even the words of her family did not encourage her to continue on the island, a place that for her was a real hell that had overtaken her as she would never have imagined.

In this way, the Survivors 2023 team has been working tirelessly to find a replacement competitor of which we know the first details. If his name is confirmed tonight, we would be facing a controversial transfer, to say the least.

Gabriela is the daughter of Mustache Arrocet and her profile is very controversial

Gabriela, daughter of Mustache Arrocet, possible replacement for Patricia Donoso

Lecturas magazine exclusively reveals that gabrieldaughter of mustache ricewould be the competitor who would replace Patricia Donoso In Survivors 2023. Now, if you’re not very into the world of the heart, you’ll wonder who is gabriel and who is it mustache rice.

As soon as you are a regular viewer of Save me or similar programs, you will know that mustache rice is a well-known Chilean singer who was a partner of Marie-Therese Campos for a few years. Moreover, in Spain he is better known for the latter than for his musical career. AND gabrielher daughter, will travel from Chile to Honduras to join Survivors 2023 after appearing on television several times to defend his father. Because if Gabriela participates in the format, it is precisely because of her controversial interventions.

Sure that gabriel put a green Marie-Therese Campos and her two daughters, carmen borrego there Terelu Camposand gives us the content Telecinco needs to make firewood from the fallen tree. We will know if it is the candidate who will replace Patricia Donoso this Thursday, March 16, from 10:00 p.m..

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