Atresmedia had been preparing its program for several days Password in which Rafael Castano there orestes barber They would go head-to-head once more in the final rosco with a winner taking home the millionaire jackpot that was sure to change his life.

They passed 197 programs in competition and, in the end, it was solved with a winner who He took 2.272 million euros that he had accumulated (although it will actually take a lot less because you have to discount what the treasury takes, which is a good spike, like in the lottery).

Rafa left no choice to his partner since, from the start of the donut, he answered the 25 questions he asked all at once. Robert Loyal.

Euphoria broke out on the set where Orestes and Roberto launched themselves to congratulate the winner of the price greater than Password have already delivered. A feat that was not broadcast at the usual time.

Given the expectation aroused by this historic moment in television, Atresmedia has decided to move the contest to its primetime schedule to compete directly with the third gala of survivors.

The reality too had announced changes for this Thursday. No Man’s Land disappeared and the groups reorganized to split between Playa Royale and Playa Fatal. Plus, you must have met a new expellee. A series of novelties that also had the public waiting.


The rivalry was therefore great and the winner won overwhelmingly. Password swept a 37.4% share, 4,578,000 viewers and 6,715,000 contacts. It maintained a whopping 68.2% loyalty.

With his data, he also realized the golden minute of the day at 11:31 p.m. with 39.8% and 5,022,000 viewers. Antena 3 imposed itself with these data on Telecinco.

Anyway, survivors he withstood the onslaught well reaching a 14% share, 1,387,000 viewers and adding 4,534,000 contacts. 19.4% capital gain with #T5 of the day which rises to 14.5% commercially speaking.

A tight duel which amused us this Thursday evening.

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