Super Nintendo World is set to open at Universal Studio Hollywood in early 2023. Perfect for Nintendo and Super Mario fans.

Amusement parks must constantly evolve if they want to continue to attract visitors each year. There are many possibilities to do this. Nintendo, for example, has many strings to its bow. Whether it’s the licensing, the rides themselves, or even the technology deployed, Big N will stop at nothing to attract people to its parks. And Super Nintendo World is highly anticipated, to say the least.

Super Nintendo World is set to open at Universal Studio Hollywood in early 2023

Universal Studios Hollywood is aiming for an opening of its Super Nintendo World for the beginning of the year 2023. Here is what we could read recently in an official tweet. The official Nintendo theme park is being built on the grounds of Universal Studio Park in California. This will offer visitors many attractions, including an immersive environment thought out and designed around the Super Mario license. According to Disney Parks news site WDWNT, construction is currently focused on Bowser’s Castle and other areas of the park.

The park also previewed its signature attraction, Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenger, where participants will have to collect coins and throw shells to defeat Team Bowser. Participants will wear Mario caps and special augmented reality glasses aboard their Mario Kart-style four-seater vehicle. This same attraction can be found in the Super Nintendo World Japan which opened last year.

Perfect for Nintendo and Super Mario fans

“Ready to experience Mario Kart like never before? Put on those special goggles and take on Team Bowser in iconic Mario Kart races with Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach,” reads a description of the attraction on the park’s website.

No one knows at this point if the Nintendo parks in the United States (one park is planned for 2024 in Orlando) will be inspired by the Japanese park or if they will be perfect copies. If they follow the Japanese version, American Donkey Kong fans should be in for a treat in a few years. Indeed, according to Videogames Chronicle, Super Nintendo World Japan is currently building an area dedicated to Donkey Kong, which will notably offer a roller coaster as well as derivative products and food on this theme.

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