Step by step guide to install SkyShowtime app on your Amazon Fire TV Stick

Step by step guide to install SkyShowtime app on your Amazon Fire TV Stick

SkyShowtime is the platform for streaming fashionable in Spain: Since arriving in our country on February 28, thousands of users have signed up to take advantage of the 50% forever offer. This way they analyze the catalog and decide whether to stay here or try another service. Now, if you haven’t registered yet, you still have time to do so with a discount. And in case you have Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, it’s possible to install the app, but it’s not as easy as it looks.. For this reason I have prepared a step by step guide with which you will not miss anything.

What is SkyShowtime and how much does it cost?

SkyShowtime is a platform of streaming which combines the best of Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, Paramount +, Paramount Pictures, Peacock, Showtime, Sky there Universal. An alliance whose strong point is precisely the price: arrives in Spain in exchange for 5.99 euros per monthand if that wasn’t enough, during the first weeks you can benefit from a 50% discount forever on the usual rate.

How do I install the SkyShowtime app on an Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Why do you need an external application?

SkyShowtime does not currently have official support for Fire Stick TVso you have to download Downloader, an external application with which to access all kinds of applications. Among them, of course, SkyShowtime (dump Downloader from here). And how is it put into service?

With Downloader you can install SkyShowtime on Fire TV Stick

Find the corresponding APK file on the Internet; you can use it (it is android tv version). Find the path where it was downloaded via Downloader and select the file to install. In this way, You already have SkyShowtime on Fire TV Stick. And the whole process takes no more than 15 minutes!

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the SkyShowtime catalog

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SkyShowtime is available in Spain since February 28, 2023 at the price of 5.99 euros per month (and a 50% offer forever).

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